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Bride's Name
Groom's Name
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Account # The account # can be found on your contract in the upper right hand corner.
Reception Date 
1) Tuxedo attire will be worn unless specified:
2) DJ be will located (select all that apply): Indoors Outdoors Upstairs Downstairs On Stage
3) What time are guests expected to arrive at the reception? 
4) What time do you expect to arrive at the reception?
5) Are you having cocktails and/or hors d'oeuvres? Open Bar Cash Bar
    Start time?
6) Are you having dinner?   Start time? Buffet Sit Down
7) Primary Age Group: to
8) How many guests are expected to attend?
9) Will dinner be provided for the DJ and MC?
10) Will soft drinks be provided for the DJ and MC?

Please indicate the type of music you would like played during the cocktail/dinner hours.

Place C for Cocktail and/or D for Dinner
Big Band  Classical   Light Rock   Jazz   Variety   Other 
'80s Retro Hard Rock  Pop
Alternative   House   R & B
Big Band/Swing  Latin Dance Rap 
Classic Rock  Motown Rock & Roll
Current Top 40  Oldies Waltz 
Country Polka  
Disco Other
1) Would you like us to take requests from your guests?
2) If a song from a music category listed above is requested     by a guest, however it is not checked, may we play it?
Please spell ALL names phonetically so the MC can properly pronounce them (i.e. Janna Baron pronounced Yah-nuh Ba-ron).
Flower Girl Ring Bearer
Bride's Parents
Mother Escorted by
Father Escorted by
Groom's Parents
Mother Escorted by
Father Escorted by
Bridesmaids Groomsmen
Maid (single)     Matron (married)  
of Honor
Best Man  
Bride & Groom
Please indicate how you would like to be introduced (i.e. Mr. & Mrs. John Smith/John & Sally Smith, etc.).
Reception Venue Contact
Caterer (If different from Reception Venue Contact)
Bridal Party Introduction Music
Bride & Groom's First Dance
Title Artist
Father/Bride Dance
Title Artist
Mother/Groom Dance
Title Artist
Parent's Dance
Title Artist
Bridal Party Dance
Title Artist

Please number in the order you would like each event to take place.
Select N/A where Not Applicable
Bridal Party Introductions  
     Upon Arrival  Before Dinner
     Before   During   After Dinner
    Given By
Cake Cutting
    Will the Cake Cutting be immediately followed by the First Dance?
Bride & Groom's First Dance
    Would you like the Bridal Party to join in midway through the First Dance?

    Would you like all Fathers and Daughters to join in midway through the Father/Bride Dance?
Mother/Groom Dance

    Would you like all Mothers and Sons to join in midway through the Mother/Groom Dance?
    Would you like to combine the Father/Bride and Mother/Groom dances?
Parent's Dance
Bridal Party Dance
Bouquet Toss
Garter Removal & Toss
Dollar Dance
Open Dance

Please list any requests you would like played in the area below. We cannot guarantee that every song requested will be played, though we will do our best to play the majority of them. Indicate your "MUST PLAY" requests with a star (*) for maximum priority. If you have additional requests please send a separate e-mail to info@soundprodjs.com.
Title Artist
Please indicate below any songs that you prefer NOT to be played at your reception. These songs will only be played if requested by a guest. Indicate your "MUST NOT PLAY" (even if requested) selections with a star (*). If you have additional "DO NOT PLAY" requests please send a separate e-mail to info@soundprodjs.com.
Title Artist